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What is ListReports’ Home Report?

Home Report is an automated monthly email that keeps your clients informed and engaged after closing. Stay top of mind with clients by automatically delivering their local real estate market data they care about so that when life changes or rates drop, you are the first person they contact.  


What information is included in a Home Report?

Each Home Report includes:

  • Client’s Home Stats
  • Purchase Price
  • Automated Valuation Models
  • Appreciation Forecast
  • Current Equity
  • Home Maintenance and Financial Tips
  • Area Sales Statistics
  • Homes for Sale
  • Homes Pending Sale
  • Savings Calculator


Why is a Home Report beneficial for my clients?

Home Report helps provide your clients with up-to-date home value estimates and calls to action to help them maximize their home’s value and equity. 


How does ListReports populate this data? 

We use a patent-pending algorithm that aggregates data from multiple sources, then analyzes hundreds of data points for reliability. To learn more about our data confidence, click here. 


Can I review the Home Report before it is sent to my client?

Yes. To preview your client’s Home Report simply click on the pencil icon in the corresponding row and click on the Home Report tab. 


What key points should I emphasize when discussing the value of the report with my clients?

Each Home Report provides free, personalized information about their home’s value, financial and home maintenance tips, and an overview of nearby markets. This is an easy way for your clients to stay informed and make informed decisions about one of their biggest investments.


How do clients get added to the My Clients tab?

You can add clients manually or when prompted. We track your transactions so we’ll notify you after closing to remind you to invite your recent buyer to receive the Home Report. Click here to learn how. 


Can I resend an invitation to a customer?

As of now, you cannot resend an invitation. 

What metrics does the Home Report provide me? 

The Home Report measures the number of Home Report opens and click-through rates (CTRs).


Can I co-brand with an agent on my Home Report? 

Currently, the Home Report only features your branding. 


Do we allow more than one LO to send a Home Report to the same client?

Yes. We recommend sending out your Home Report to your top clients as soon as possible!


Are the zip codes in “Values Near Home” on the Home Report customizable by me or my client?

No, these are chosen based on your client’s home location.


Can I see how many home reports have been sent to my client?
No. We are not currently measuring this data point.


Can I bulk upload multiple clients to Home Report?
Bulk uploading clients to the My Clients tab in Home Report is not yet available. However, be on the lookout for this feature in the near future!


Can agents and loan officers sign up for Home Report?
Only loan officers can sign up for Home Report at this time.


How often does a client’s Home Report get sent and on what day of the month?

Clients receive their Home Report once a month on the 1st of the month. However, the link to their Home Report does not expire, so they can access it anytime. 

I have ListReports, but not yet a Home Report subscription. How many invitations can I send free? 

You can send up to 3 invitations for free without a Home Report subscription.

How do I add Home Report to my account?

Login to your ListReports account, click the My Clients tab, click upgrade today and then click Add Home Report to My Account*.

*By adding Home Report to your account, you agree to subscribe to a monthly autopayment for Home Report.


I have a subscription to Home Report. How many clients can I invite to Home Report?

You can send up to 1000 Home Report invitations if you have the Home Report add-on.

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