Why can’t I find an agent in the Agent Intel search? Completed

Lauren Bell

There is an agent that just got started and I can’t find her in Agent Intel. Why not?


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    Daniel Ferrer
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    Why can’t I find a particular agent?

    There are a few key reasons why this may occur:

    • The area in which you are searching has low data confidence. 
      • In these cases, you will see a triangle with an x next to the area you wish to search. To learn more about our data confidence, click here.
    • The agent is not producing.
      • If the agent has not had a transaction in the past 12 months, we will likely not capture them in the search results.
    • The agent is part of a team. 
      • When part of a team, the agent's transactions  may be credited to the team, and if the listings are under the team or team lead's name, they will appear on that profile, not the agent's. Search for the team lead’s name or team’s name to gather intel. 
    • You may need to broaden the geographical areas in which you are searching. 
      • Agents are grouped by the primary county in which they do business. If not found initially, consider including adjacent counties in your search.
    • The agent may go by an alias. 

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