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Why am I limited to sending 5 Smart Emails a day (including the Agent Connect Essentials emails)? 

We restrict the number of Smart Emails in order to prevent spamming. This benefits both parties and avoids flagging the LO's email as spam.

Why don’t I see a particular listing under an agent?

  • The listing is brand new and we have not yet attributed it to the agent.
  • The agent co-listed the listing with another agent. In these cases, we attribute the listing to the primary agent listed.
  • The agent is part of a team and the listing is accredited to the team or team lead. 
  • The agent is in a low data confidence area. To learn more about our data confidence, click here.

Why can’t I find a particular agent?

There are a few key reasons why this may occur:

  • The area in which you are searching has low data confidence. 
    • In these cases, you will see a triangle with an x next to the area you wish to search. To learn more about our data confidence, click here.
  • The agent is not producing.
    • If the agent has not had a transaction in the past 12 months, we will likely not capture them in the search results.
  • The agent is part of a team. 
    • When part of a team, the agent's transactions  may be credited to the team, and if the listings are under the team or team lead's name, they will appear on that profile, not the agent's. Search for the team lead’s name or team’s name to gather intel. 
  • You may need to broaden the geographical areas in which you are searching. 
    • Agents are grouped by the primary county in which they do business. If not found initially, consider including adjacent counties in your search.
  • The agent may go by an alias. 
    • For example you may know Maggie Johnson, but the name they use on record is Margaret Johnson. In this case, we recommend broadening your search results by using just their last name or trying other variations of their name.

Why am I having issues with my email signature when using Smart Emails?

Unfortunately, in the Outlook email client, your email signature may not auto-populate. This is a known issue and you can read more about this from Microsoft here. The workaround is to simply add your signature manually before sending the email.


Why aren’t my Smart Emails opening in my work email application?

When you encounter a situation where clicking the 'View message' button on a Smart Email doesn't open your default email application, it's likely because your computer doesn't have a default email set up. To resolve this, you can designate a default email application on your computer. This will enable the website to seamlessly launch your email app when you click the button, allowing you to compose emails directly from the site. Here's how to set your default email application:

For assistance with your Mac, click here.

For assistance with Outlook on your Mac, click here.

For assistance with your PC, click here


What is the difference between Agent Intel and Agent Connect

Agent Connect allows you to search for agents on the fly, using SMS. Simply text an agent’s name to the phone number 844-262-7034. You will receive back an agent's stats and a link to their details page.

Agent Intel is an in-depth search that allows you to search different areas, use specific criteria such as production numbers and more.


Why isn’t Agent Connect working for me? 

Agent Connect allows loan officers to search for agents in their market which is determined by their production. This issue often arises when the user is not a producing loan officer or has not had a transaction in over 12 months, making it impossible to identify their market as there's no data record for that person.


What is the phone number for Agent Connect? 



Do agents know I am following them?

No. Agents are not notified when you follow them. However, if you invite them to pair, they will be notified. 


How often is the data refreshed?

Our data is refreshed daily. However, there may be a lag between when the transaction takes place and when we receive the syndicated data. 


Why is the agent’s information out of date? 

We compile an agent’s official transaction data to create the Agent Intel profile you see for them. If they have not had a recent transaction, it may mean some of the information is out of date. 


How is the Share of Wallet calculated? 

We use your provided NMLS ID in your ListReports® profile to cross-reference and determine your participation in transactions with an agent. We calculate the loans completed by you versus someone else based on buy-side records, excluding certain loan types such as refinances and all-cash transactions.


What are Agent Connect Essentials?

Agent Connect Essentials allows you to easily send both MBS Highway and ListReports marketing assets to an agent, based on their active listings. Click here to learn what is included in this bundle of marketing assets!  


Why aren’t there email addresses on the CSV file export within Agent Search?

In an effort to reduce the risk of spam, we currently do not allow email addresses to be exported.


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