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Find the answers to your most pressing questions in this Marketing Kits FAQ.

Why isn't my listing showing up immediately or showing as inactive when it is active?

If you notice your listing isn't appearing right away, it's likely due to the timing of MLS syndication. Our system depends on data pushed from the MLS, and it can take from a few hours up to a couple of days for this information to be updated in our sources. Should you encounter this, simply add the reference link for the property, submit the form to bypass the Google validator, and our production team will handle the rest!



My Marketing Kit is missing photos I added on the MLS. How can I add them? 

You can easily make edits to your Marketing Kit's photos by:

  • Uploading, rearranging, or selecting new photos to be displayed
  • Adding the listing's public-facing MLS URL and we will upload your photos for you

Click here to see how. 


Can I feature multiple agents on the ListReports Marketing Kits?

Currently, ListReports marketing materials are designed to feature only one agent profile, usually the primary listing agent. However, there are workarounds to include information about multiple agents:

1. Joint Account Creation: Agents can collaborate to establish a joint account on ListReports, combining their profiles. This account can display a team photo and shared contact details, but note that it is limited to one email address and phone number.

2. Separate Marketing Kits: Alternatively, you can create individual Marketing Kits for each agent involved.

  • To learn how to create a Marketing Kit as a loan officer click here.
  • To learn how to create a Marketing Kit as an agent click here


Can I create a Marketing Kit for a listing even if I am not the listing agent?

Absolutely! If you have permission to market the property (i.e. hosting an open house for the listing), you can create a Marketing Kit. To learn how, click here.  


Can I create a Marketing Kit for an off-market or inactive listing?

Yes! You will need to provide us with additional details or a reference link where we can access the listing data (photos, property details, etc.) To learn how, click here.

What should I do if my property doesn't auto-populate when creating a new Marketing Kit?
If a property address doesn't auto-populate during the creation of a New Marketing Kit, it's often due to the Google Address validator not recognizing the address. Here are a couple of tips to help:

  1. Use a Real Estate Website: Search for the property address on websites like Zillow, Realtor, or Redfin. Once you find the listing, copy and paste the address directly from the website into ListReports.
  2. Enter Unit or Apartment Number: If the property has a unit or apartment number, ensure you include it correctly in the address field. For example, add the unit or apartment number immediately after the property address, ensuring clarity and precision.


Can I change, update, or hide the information within the Infographics?

Yes! Once the Marketing Kit has been created, you can edit, update, change, or hide the information we provide within our Infographics. Want to learn how? Click here

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