Why can’t I share the Local Housing Market Data Shareable Answered

Lauren Bell

The local housing market data shareable shows up blank and the share buttons are greyed out. Why isn’t it working?


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    Daniel Ferrer
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    ListReports® licenses Shareables such as Local Housing Market Data allows our subscribers to post Shareables on social media for the purpose of promoting their real estate agency business and real estate listings. 

    So when you create a Local Housing Market Data, you'll need to choose one from your paired agent for example I'll choose Cortez Dameron (not really your paired agent, just a sample screenshot for your visual how it works): 

    In this way, you'll be helping your agent capture leads. 

    I hope I was able to provide you with all the information you need, but if you need further help with your ListReports account, please don't hesitate to reply directly to this email, and I'll get back to you to help you out. 

    You can also contact us by sending an email to>> https://help.listreports.com/submit-a-ticket/

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