How to Post a Question

Lauren Bell
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Click here to watch a video on how to add this event to your calendar, create a Community account, and how to post a question or you can read the instructions below:

  • To add this event to your calendar, click here. This will link you to a Calendly website where you can choose what day you would like to RSVP to and have the invite emailed to you.
  • To create an account so you can ask us a question, click New Post. You will have a few different options to create an account:
    • If you have ever emailed, an account has already been created for you and you can have a password created for you by clicking Reset Password
    • Sign-in using your Google, Facebook, X Corp (formerly Twitter), or Microsoft account.
    • Or you can click Sign Up to create a new account. 
  • To ask a question, simply click New Post and ask a question in the title of the post with any additional details underneath. 



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