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Lauren Bell
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Click here to watch a video on how to add this event to your calendar, create a Community account, and how to post a question or you can read the instructions below:

  • To add this event to your calendar by RSVPing via Calendly (not necessary to join the event), click here. This will link you to a Calendly website where you can choose what day you would like to join.
  • You can follow this topic (Loan Officers: Ask an Expert) by clicking Follow to get updates of new questions asked and get notifications when we go live! 
  • To create an account so you can ask us a question, click New Post. You will have a few different options to create an account:
    • If you have ever emailed, an account has already been created for you and you can have a password created for you by clicking Reset Password
    • Sign-in using your Google, Facebook, X Corp (formerly Twitter), or Microsoft account.
  • Or you can click Sign Up to create a new account.
  • To ask a question, simply click New Post and ask a question in the title of the post with any additional details underneath. 

Like most forums, if you see a question from a user and you have your own best practice you would like to share, please do! This community was built to help each other grow and learn. If you are unable to attend the live event you can still ask a question through a community post and we will answer it during our Ask an Expert Live Moderation event. 

After the events, we will organize the posted questions into topic categories such as Marketing Kits or Agent Intel for your reference. We encourage you to continue the discussion by providing further strategies or best practices by commenting on the posts at a later time!   



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