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Home Report is an automated monthly email that keeps your clients informed and engaged after closing. Stay top of mind with clients by automatically delivering their home’s statistics they care about so that when life changes or rates drop, you are the first person they contact.  


How does it work? 

ListReports makes it easy for you to invite clients to subscribe to their free Home Report by pre-populating your past transactions in the My Clients tab. Simply add their email address to invite them to subscribe to their Home Report. 

Once your client accepts the invite, they will begin receiving a monthly Home Report!


The client’s experience

Once you send the invite, clients will receive an email from you to subscribe to their Home Report (see example below). 


By clicking the Get Your Home Report, they will be prompted to confirm their home address and email address. 




Once they click Save My Preferences, they can view their personalized, interactive Home Report landing page!



How to preview a client's Home Report 

  1. Click on the My Clients tab.
  2. Click the pencil icon for the corresponding client. 
  3. Click on the Home Report tab.


What’s included in a client’s Home Report?

Each Home Report is filled with pertinent information about your client’s home including:

  • Home Stats
  • Purchase Price
  • Savings Calculator
  • Automated Valuation Models
  • Appreciation Forecast
  • Current Equity
  • Home Maintenance and Financial Tips
  • Area Sales Statistics and Trends
  • Homes for Sale
  • Homes Pending Sale

Savings Calculator to See the Benefits of Additional Principal Payments

Clients can easily understand the benefits of making extra payments towards their loan principal by using the Savings Calculator in their Home Report. Once populated, you'll notice two bars:


  • Total Interest Bar: This bar represents the total amount of interest paid over the life of the loan without any additional principal payments.
  • Reduced Interest Bar: The lighter bar shows the total amount of interest paid if extra payments are made towards the principal.


By comparing these bars, clients can clearly see how paying more on the principal reduces the overall interest paid, highlighting the savings they can achieve.


Market Activity

Home Report shows clients recent listings and sales in their area, helping them stay current on local pricing and inventory trends, while also alerting them to potential move-up or investment opportunities.

Home Tips

Each month, your clients will receive a selection of carefully curated tips and insights including real estate terminology and concepts, the latest real estate market trends, and advice on maintaining and enhancing their home's value. This information is designed to empower your clients to make informed real estate decisions. Check out an example below:

Estimated Home Value Appreciation

This module helps clients see how their home is appreciating and make informed decisions about future investments, renovations, or future sale opportunities.


Market Trends Around You

From the Home Report landing page, clients will see how surrounding markets compare to theirs at a glance. These areas are determined by their home address and are not editable. To view each market’s trends, they can simply click on Show Current Market Details



Adding Clients

Past Clients

When opening your My Clients tab for the first time, you will see your past clients already populated within the table. Follow the instructions below to enroll these clients in the Home Report:


  1. Click the pencil icon on the client’s corresponding row.

  1. Add their email address and any additional missing information that has an asterisk. 
    • Helpful Tip: Notice out of date information? This is the perfect time to update it prior to sending out their Home Report!
  2. Ensure the box is checked next to Add to Home Report.
  3. Click Add to Home Report


New Transaction Alerts

As soon as we detect a new transaction, we will notify you via email and add the transaction to the table. To invite your new client to subscribe to the Home Report, you can either follow the instructions above or:

  1. Click the Add Them to the Home Report button in the email.
  2. Add their email address and make any necessary edits  to their contact and transaction details. 
  3. Check the Add to Home Report box. 
  4. Click Update.


Manually Adding Clients to the Home Report

To add clients that you may have not had a transaction with yet, simply: 

  1. Click My Clients in the left hand navigation menu. 
  2. Click Add a Client in the top right corner. 
  3. Type in the client’s information including: first name, last name, email address, and property address.
  4. Add their loan information including purchase price, current interest rate, loan type, and transaction date (not required). 
  5. Once their information is added, you can add them to the Home Report marketing flow by checking the Add to Home Report checkbox. 
  6. Click Add to Home Report


Once added, their Home Report Engagement Status will change to Invited. If a client accepts the invitation, this status will change to Subscribed. 


Searching and Filtering Clients

Looking for a specific client to send a Home Report? You can search for a specific client by utilizing the search box at the top of the page. You may also use the filter function to identify specific types of clients. You can filter based on:

  • Subscription Status which includes:
    • Invited (invite sent but not yet accepted)
    • Opted Out (declined offer for Home Report subscription)
    • Subscribed (accepted Home Report invite)
    • Unsubscribed (unsubscribed from all emails from ListReports)
  • Loan Type (Conventional, FHA, etc.)
  • Transaction Date
  • Purchase Price
  • Interest Rate

To find clients using these filters: 

  1. Click on the Filter by dropdown.

  2. Make your selections.
  3. Click Apply Filters.

Still have questions? Click here to submit a support ticket. 

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