I Paired with a Loan Officer, Now What?

Congratulations! Pairing with a loan officer automatically unlocks all paired features within ListReports including:

  • Text-to-Lead and QR Codes
  • Single Property Websites
  • ListPacks®
  • Local Housing Market Data Shareable
  • Market Insights™

We recommend signing up for ListReports 102 to learn how to leverage these tools to build your brand and generate leads. Click here to sign up for a live webinar. 


Unlocked | Marketing Kits

Next, see what has been unlocked within your Marketing Kits and optimize your account to help capture leads by watching the 8-minute video below:



Unlocked features:

These features help you to customize your Marketing Kits and capture leads seamlessly. Click here to create a new Marketing Kit and try these features out!


Unlocked | Shareables

Let’s cover each of the new Shareables unlocked for you in ListReports along with some inspiration to help get you started.


Shareables Library

The Shareables library holds over 1000 different daily Shareables. This library of images is designed to help you stand out from the crowd, deliver engaging content to your followers, and reduce your time spent creating content. Check out the library here


Pro Tip: To optimize this tool, make sure you have both a Facebook Business Page and Instagram Professional Account set up. 


Ready to set up your content calendar by scheduling posts ahead of time? Watch the video below to learn how:



Talking Points

Dive into real estate news and markets every Friday with Talking Points. This versatile Shareable can be downloaded as a PDF or shared as a link. We provide you an in-depth analysis and a client-facing version where you can add your own commentary and insights!

Ways you can use our Talking Points Shareable:

  • Bring the handout to your next Open House to help start a conversation with buyers
  • Use as a digital newsletter on your social media accounts
  • Farm a specific market area (making sure to add those local markets to the flyer and providing custom commentary) using the PDF flyer
  • Email to your contacts list as a weekly newsletter

Want to learn how to read real estate statistics from our own expert economist, Scott Brixen? Click here


Ready to share? Click here.


Local Housing Market Data Shareables

This simple but powerful Shareable showcases the market stats for a particular market area. This Shareable can be translated into both English and Spanish. Click here for inspiration on how to use this Shareable in creative and unique ways.


Ready to share a Local Housing Market Data Shareable? Click here




ListPacks reflect your local inventory and Live ListPacks automatically even after being shared. This means you can create custom ListPacks for specific buyers and genereric Live ListPacks for social media.

With Live ListPacks, unavailable properties will be removed, and new listings will be added as they become available, ensuring your buyers always have up-to-date information!

Your brand is front-and-center at all times, and they’re designed to be used in one of two ways:

  • Custom ListPacks for specific buyers
  • Generic ListPacks for social media (as content)

Check out an example here!

Want to learn more? Check out this short video below. 


Ready to share a ListPack? Click here

Unlocked | Market Insights

Market Insights™ delivers local market insights that you can learn from and use right away. Your insights feed might include:

  • How many new listings there were in your county last month
  • How many buy-side transactions you’ve closed this year and their value
  • Deals that other agents you might know have recently closed
  • How much inventory has grown in the last week

Use Market Insights to:

  • Deepen your market knowledge
  • Understand your own production statistics and market share
  • Market your production statistics using our Market Insights Shareable (fully editable)
  • Provide insight to your local market to followers and clients

Want to learn how to use Market Insights™? Watch the video below:



Ready to showcase your knowledge of your local market? Click here


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