Customize Your Marketing Kit's Infographics

ListReports' Infographics are not just popular; they're powerful. Using third-party data, our infographics within each marketing kit enrich your listings with insightful details about the area and schools. Designed for flexibility, these infographics can be effortlessly hidden, edited, or updated, allowing you to highlight the most relevant information for each listing.


Here's a look at the types of changes you can make to ensure your infographics are always spot-on:

  • Schools in Your Area
    • Display/hide school infographic or school ratings
    • Change schools displayed, ratings, and grades
  • The Great Outdoors
    • Type of outdoor area (i.e. golf course, hiking, beach, park, etc.)
    • Total # of outdoor areas within 10 miles of the home
    • The most popular outdoor area
    • The outdoor area's distance from listing
  • Area Report
    • Change the distance to major services
  • Neighborhood Eats
    • Display/hide Restaurant infographic
    • Number of moderately priced restaurants
    • Number of 4+ star restaurants
    • Number of restaurants by price category
    • Categories of good eats and the number of each category

Making Edits to Your Infographics

Want to make changes to your listing's infographics? Check out the steps below to learn how:

  1. Click on the Marketing Kits tab.
  2. Find the marketing kit you would like to edit, within that marketing kit's row, you will see a down arrow next to the View button. Click on the down arrow.
  3. Click Edit from the dropdown menu. 
  4. Click on Schools &
  5. Make your desired edits.
  6. Click Update marketing kit!

Please note: The marketing kit must be created before you can edit the infographic section. 


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