Five Unique Ways to Use Our Local Housing Market Data Shareables

Feeling uninspired when it comes to social media? Here are five creative ways to use Local Housing Market Data to drive engagement and lead generation.


#1 Monday Market Countdown

Create a countdown to compare different markets in your area. Remember to include a call to action for your potential clients! In this case, we’re suggesting they send us a message to book a showing. Check out our example below:



#2 Throwback Thursday

Showcase how much your area has grown by comparing retro and current photos. Check out the examples we made for Laguna Beach, CA.


Post Version:


Story/Reel Version:


#3 Fun Fact Friday

Choose a unique or amusing fact about a local neighborhood and pair it with our Local Housing Market Data Shareable! See the example below from Atlantic Beach, FL.




#4 Sunday Sports Matchup

Compare the cities of two competing sports teams. Don’t forget about your local college teams! If posting as an Instagram/Facebook story or if you are posting on LinkedIn, add a poll to make it interactive. Check out our example from this year’s Super Bowl:




#5 Market Mover Alert 

Motivate buyers and sellers in your area with a Market Mover Alert! If you have permission to market a recently sold listing, use our "My Listings Shareable" combined with the Local Housing Market Data Shareable for the greatest impact. See our example below:


Want to learn more about the power of Shareables? Watch our webinars to learn more by clicking here

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