Marketing and Agent Education Tools

Help show the value of ListReports to agents by utilizing the presentations, scripts and flyers below. Click on the link to open the asset or copy the URL and paste it in an email campaign to teach agents how they can use ListReports to find more customers and gain more business. 


Agent Value Presentation Great for both in-person and virtual meetings, this slideshow presentation highlights all of the ListReports solutions available for agents paired with you. Link to Virtual Slideshow
Agent Value Video Perfect to share via email as a conversation starter with your agents. It's also great to play as a short intro before a meeting or presentation. Link to Video
 Agent Crash Course Video This is 12 minute, educational video that helps provide a high-level overview of what ListReports has to offer for real estate agents. Link to Video
Agent Webinars Are your paired agents wanting to learn more and get a deep dive of the ListReports platform? Send them this link to sign up or watch a pre-recorded webinar. Link to Webinars
Agent Value Flyer A double-sided flyer that you can email, print, and/or snail-mail to your agents. You can also use it as a take-away for your agents after a meeting or presentation. Link to Agent Value Flyer
Proven Scripts Have an upcoming call with an agent? We've got call scripts that you can use for agents that you'd like to enroll or send offers to. Link to Proven Scripts
Benefits of Pairing Flyer Help agents understand the benefits of being paired vs unpaired with this flyer.  Link to Benefits of Pairing Flyer

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