Creating Reusable Text-to-Lead and QR Codes

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Who has Access?

Reusable text-to-lead codes and QR codes are paired features. If you would like to learn how to pair with a loan officer, you can click here

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ListReports® offers reusable text-to-lead codes and QR Codes to all of our loan officers (with an Elite subscription) and their paired agents. We use a patent-pending geolocation technology so you can choose a custom code and order ONE sign rider that will work for ALL of your future listings! 

You can choose and assign your own custom text-to-lead code from your Marketing Kit Settings in the Settings tab. Once you’ve chosen a code, head to the ListReports Shop to place your order for your new reusable sign rider or download the pdf and have a local print shop print it for you.


Reusable Text-to-Lead and QR Code Rules

  • Reusable text-to-lead codes & sign riders are only available to loan officers with an Elite subscription and their paired agents.
  • The reusable QR code is only present on sign riders. The QR codes on all flyers and postcards use a single-use code per marketing kit.
  • Loan officers and their paired agents can set their custom text-to-lead code in the Marketing Kit Settings tab of their Settings tab.
    • Custom text-to-lead codes are first come, first served
    • Codes have a 10-character limit
    • Codes are alpha-numeric, so no special characters (!%$)

  • If a loan officer has a reusable code and their paired agent does not, the marketing kit will by default use the loan officer's reusable code. 
  • If a loan officer and their paired agent both have reusable codes, the agent's reusable code will be displayed in the marketing kits by default.
  • If you decide to change your reusable code in the future, please keep in mind that it will break the URL link to the single property websites for any previously made marketing kits. 

Reusable Codes: How it works

When a buyer is at a property and texts a reusable text-to-lead code or scans a QR Code, ListReports® will respond through text with a URL.

  • When the buyer clicks the URL, we will ask them to approve the use of Location Services on their mobile device.
  • If they approve, we will geolocate them and scan their area within a 1/4 mile radius for any properties registered with ListReports by the LO or agent who owns the reusable text-to-lead code.
    • If we only find a singular property within 1/4 mile under the LO/agent, the buyer will be taken to that single property website immediately.
    • If we find multiple properties within 1/4 mile that are registered through ListReports under the LO/agent, we will display all relevant properties and allow the buyer to choose the correct property from a searchable list.
  • If the buyer does not approve location services, we will ask them to reconsider so that we may geo-locate them. However, this isn’t mandatory as we will still list ALL of the loan officer’s and agent’s properties and allow them to choose which one they’d like to view the single property website for.
  • If the buyer happens to text a reusable text-to-lead code at a later time when they are no longer within 1/4 mile of the actual property, we will display ALL of the loan officer’s and agent’s properties and allow the buyer to choose from the list.
  • Lead Notifications for loan officers and agents: When a buyer texts a reusable text-to-lead code and views the single property website, we will trigger the following items to the ListReports user(s):
    • Text notification of lead to loan officer & agent
    • Email notification of lead to loan officer & agent
    • Activity Feed notification of lead to loan officer & agent
    • A new lead will be added to the My Leads section for both the loan officer & agent that includes the phone number of the interested party, what property they are interested in and the source of the lead (QR code, text-to-lead code, etc.).

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