What is is a buyer search platform. It allows buyers to search for active listings by entering a location and filtering down that search through home and location preferences.

Buyers can sign up in to save favorited listings that they find. When a buyer signs up, a lead is captured in the system for the agent and loan officer to follow and potentially contact.

There are no paid ads on Instead, we display the agent and loan officer on the right-hand side of the listing page. The agent and loan officer that display depend on the link used by the buyer to access This way the system knows who receives the lead when the buyer creates a account.


How can I share my link?

Sharing the link is easy! Simply navigate to the section within your account to view the code.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 9.56.34 AM.png

Copy the code manually, or use one of the share buttons to share the code to Facebook, through email, or by copying and pasting it to another site.

Each link is specific to the user. There is an affiliate code placed at the end of the URL to determine who the link is for. To make sure the correct code is used, the user can look in the URL when accessing to see what the affiliate code is at the end of that URL.


How is a lead captured in

A lead is captured through when a buyer signs up for a account.

This can be done in a couple of ways:

Option 1: The buyer clicks the Sign-in button in

Once they do, a pop-up will appear prompting the buyer to create a account.

Option 2: The buyer favorites a listing in

When this happens and the buyer is not already a user, a registration pop-up window will appear, asking them to create an account. Once the buyer finishes entering their information, they will be sent Just Listed text alerts and their activities will be logged into your ListReport account’s Activity Feed.

Option 3: The buyer completes 5 searches without being signed in

Once the buyer completes five searches without signing in with an account, will force the buyer to register for an account before continuing another search.

Any buyer that creates an account from a link will be captured as a lead. This lead will appear in your My Leads section with that buyer’s details.


How does a buyer set up a search in

When a buyer accesses from a provided link, the buyer will land on a search page to run the first search. Here the buyer enters an address, city, or zip code to start their search.

Nest Page

Once entered, the buyer will provide home preferences for listings in that area or skip to get a list of homes. The results will be personalized to the buyer preferences entered in

Nestme Search

All current search filters appear in the top bar next to View. By clicking the down arrow next to any search, the buyer can change the search preferences. The buyer can click between different saved searches for updated information.


Why does another agent appear in the search result?

When a buyer views a listing in, the agent and paired loan officer will appear on the right-hand side.

Note: This is only if the buyer is using the agent’s URL, not the loan officer’s. If the loan officer’s URL is used, only the loan officer will display.

If the buyer accesses another link, the original agent from the first time the buyer ran a search will appear. This happens because the buyer’s original search was “cookied” in their browser so our system can track the number of times they have run a search and track the data for each.

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