ListPacks Overview

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What are ListPacks?

Convert social media followers into potential buyers

A compelling and engaging way to share local inventory with potential buyers on social media, ListPacks helps agents start conversations on their social channels with themed collections of listings. Each ListPack is centered around a particular home feature or commonality, designed to engage and educate an agent’s social network on listings they might be interested in within a specific market area determined by the agent.

Automatically available for agents who are paired with a loan officer, ListPacks are delivered to the agent’s inbox every weekday! They even include a suggested caption to help start conversations with potential leads.

Note: Click here to pair with a loan officer and automatically unlock ListPacks!

Live ListPacks

Live ListPacks are automatically updated to reflect active properties on the MLS, even after being shared. We provide Suggested Live ListPacks, pre-curated for your convenience. These can be found in the Live ListPacks tab or within Shareables.

The Suggested Live ListPacks offered are:

  • Homes with pools
  • Newer Homes (built 2010+)
  • Virtual Tours
  • New Listings
  • Top 10 Most Expensive Homes
  • Lower-Priced Homes
  • DOM > 60
  • Top 10 Biggest Lots
  • Single Level Homes
  • Homes with Views
  • Condos & Townhomes
  • Top 10 Largest Homes
  • Upgraded Kitchens
  • Homes with Great Schools
  • Open houses
  • High-End Homes

Want to create your own custom ListPack for a niche market segment? Maybe you want to market historic homes or homes that feature offices for your work-from-home clients? We got you covered!

Create a Custom ListPack

  1. Using the left-hand navigation menu, click on ListPacks.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red Create New button.
  3. Fill out the details and select your desired filters.
  4. Once you are ready, you can click Create custom ListPack!

Your new custom ListPack will now appear at the bottom of the Live ListPacks tab.

My ListPacks

The My ListPacks tab is where you can find all of the ListPacks you’ve shared. You can easily search, view, and re-share any of your ListPacks! You’ll also see some performance stats, such as clicks and views from clients and social media followers.

The Property Search tab allows you to choose specific listings you’d like to feature in a ListPack. If you want to curate specific listings or showcase your listings in a single portfolio-like format, Property Search has got you covered!

Simply define the market area, set up filters and we’ll populate the listings. From here, you can select the properties you wish to include, click the Send homes button, and name your new ListPack! Unlike the Live ListPacks, ListPacks made from the Property Search will not be automatically updated, and can only be edited manually.

Where to find ListPacks

Agents can access ListPacks directly from their Daily ListReport email, Home page, or the ListPacks tab in their ListReports account. Agents and loan officers can also access our pre-made Live ListPack Shareables under the Shareables tab.

Ready to get started? If you are paired with a loan officer, you can automatically access ListPacks now by clicking here.


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