Updating my Company Information on ListReports

This article pertains to loan officers only. To learn how to update an agent's company information, click here

In order to ensure we meet your company's compliance requirements, we ask that you submit a ticket to our support team that include:

  • Your new contact detail (new company's name, email address, phone number, branch NMLS# and address).
    • If it’s easier you can send a link to your company-specific profile or by providing us your new email signature information that includes the branch NMLS# and address. 
  • Your new company logo.

Once updated, we will inform you of any new billing updates. We have multiple enterprise deals, so you may be eligible for a discount!

It is very important that you communicate with us about this change so we can make the transition seamless and so that your paired agents do not experience any service interruption. To submit a ticket, click here

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