Data Confidence

ListReports® collects data from many different sources in order to create marketing kits and display production stats for the agents you are following using the Agent Intel feature. Our patent-pending algorithm aggregates data from multiple sources and considers all components of an agent or loan officer’s identity and listing, then analyzes hundreds of data points for reliability.

Though our data is refreshed daily, we are not perfect. We are actively acquiring additional sources that meet our quality standard to allow us to offer more comprehensive information in this area in the future.

If you are viewing incorrect data within Agent Intel, there are some likely possibilities:

  • The individual you are looking for uses a different name than the official transaction record. For example, you may know Maggie Johnson, but their real name on record is Margaret Jonson.
  • If the agent is part of a team or co-listed a home with another agent.
  • The area you are searching has low data confidence. In these areas, the data is likely inaccurate or incomplete. You will recognize these areas with the x within an area triangle, as seen below:

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 11.38.28 AM.png

  • If a listing is missing from an agent’s profile, or the production numbers seem lower than they should be, this is typically because the information we have on file might be different than what the agent used on the MLS, or we haven’t yet received the data from the MLS syndication. This includes email addresses, names, and company names.

Data integrity is very important to us, and we apologize if this has caused any inconvenience. Have additional questions or concerns? Submit a ticket here.

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