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Searching for an Agent Using Agent Connect

Agent Intel Connect unlocks vital insights about agents, anytime, anywhere, by equipping you with the essential information you need to prospect effectively and cultivate valuable relationships. Agent Intel Connect provides critical production stats and tools to effortlessly create personalized marketing campaigns. 

Search via Text

  1. Text the agent’s name to the phone number: 844-262-7034.
  2. We will search for that agent starting in the area where your past transactions took place.  
  3. We will provide you high-level stats for that agent via text along with a link where you can dive deeper into their stats and send them marketing collateral. 

If we have multiple results for that agent or cannot find them based on your search information, we will ask you to go into the mobile website to view the search results.

Search via Website

  1. Login to your ListReports account and go to the Agent Connect button in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Type an agent’s name in the search box, then click Search.
  3. Click on the agent you want to learn more about to view a page containing all of that agent’s production stats and details.


✏️ A Quick Note: We base your search results on your past transactions' locations. If you would like to search in a specific location, we recommend you utilize the Agent Intel Search tab. 

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