Market Insights FAQ


What is Market Insights? 

Market Insights gives you statistical data to help deepen your market knowledge and understand your own production statistics and market share. You can share your knowledge or impressive production statistics on social media using beautiful shareable templates within Market Insights to help build your brand and showcase your neighborhood expertise.


Who has access to Market Insights?

Market Insights is automatically available to all agents who are paired with a loan officer on ListReports. In order to invite a loan officer to pair with you, click here.


What information will I receive from Market Insights? 

You’ll see statistics and insights on local market data, your personal production, as well as transaction activity from other agents you know.

  • Number of new listings in your county last month
  • Number of buy-side transactions you’ve closed this year and their value
  • Deals that other agents you might know have recently closed
  • Level of inventory growth in the last week

Where does the data come from?

Our patent-pending algorithm aggregates data from multiple sources and considers all components of an agent’s identity and listing, then analyzes hundreds of data points for reliability.


How frequently does Market Insights update?

Market Insights will update daily if there are any new insights to share.


Who are these agents that are showing up in my Market Insights feed?

We provide you insights on agents you have worked with in the past. Use this data to connect with other agents by congratulating them on their latest closings and milestones, and help grow your professional network.


What do I do if the data seems incorrect or incomplete?

When sharing the insight via text you can simply edit the text. If you are sharing it via a Shareable, you can update it within the Shareable view under the 2nd step. 


How do I share an Insight?

You can copy the text of the insight or click the share button (see below) to share a Shareable:


Where can I share the social media asset (Shareable)? 

You can share insights via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Does this feature cost me anything?

No, ListReports accounts for agents are free.


How can I use Market Insights to grow my business?

For seasoned agents, you can show off your production stats to potential clients by sharing your personal production insights on social media. For agents just getting started, you can showcase your knowledge of a local market and position yourself as a neighborhood expert by sharing the local market insights.

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