QR Codes for Marketing Kits

Just like our text-to-lead codes, QR Codes make it easy for your potential clients to scan and get information quickly about a listing. At the same time, the loan officer and their paired agent will capture their phone number and the associated listing within the My Leads tab.

Please Note: QR codes are automatically unlocked when an agent is paired with a loan officer.

Where are QR Codes located?

You can find QR codes anywhere you see a Text-to-Lead Code inside your Marketing Kits. This includes:

  • Marketing Flyers (ie Just Listed, Just Sold, Open House, etc.)
  • Postcards
  • Go Green Flyers
  • Sign Riders

Note: You will not find the QR code on the “My Listing” or Social Media Shareables, because a client that clicks on them from Facebook is already being taken to your property website for that property.

How does the QR Code work?

  1. A client scans the QR code on your marketing material.
  2. Their SMS messaging app will be launched and they will see a pre-populated message with the property short code and a call-to-action to tap SEND e.g. “LIST1234 — Please tap SEND to get more information about this listing.”
  3. They send the SMS to the pre-populated phone number.
  4. They receive a link to the property website that we created just for your listing. (It’s part of your Marketing Kit.)
  5. You’ll receive a text message and email with their phone number. You can also find this information in the My Leads tab in your account.

Use the QR code below to test it out for yourself!

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 7.28.28 PM.png

The QR codes located on the flyers, postcards, open house sign-in sheet and go green flyers all are single-use QR codes (they will only lead to one single property website), regardless of if you have a reusable text-to-lead code set up. If you do have a reusable text-to-lead code, the QR code located on the sign rider will also be reusable. 

Where does the lead’s information get captured?

If you have your notifications turned on, you will receive an alert from us in your email that you have a new lead. You can see this lead’s information by doing the following:

  1. Login to your ListReports account.
  2. Click on the My Leads tab in the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Voila! You will now see the agent’s name whose QR code was scanned, the phone number of the lead, the source of the lead and the property they are interested in.

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